First Option: What’s Attractive About Emerging Exchanges

As a competitor that has just entered the market, First Option – a broker that has received positive feedback from experts. The content of this article will give readers the reasons why this broker has received these positive feedbacks?

  • The broker offers a wide range of investment products

Before entering the market, First Option has “extensively” researched the market, the purpose of which is to provide really suitable investment products.

The survey results show that First Option is offering 6 types of trading products including Forex, Indices, Stocks, Crypro, Metals and Energy. Below are the details of each type of trading product at First Option

  • The floor has the best translation quality 

If knowledge is the key factor that determines trading results, choosing a reputable broker is an inevitable job. 

A reputable broker will help the investor’s trading process, the benefits can be mentioned as:

  • Developed a methodical investment roadmap
  • Guide to choosing the right investment product
  • Free advice on stock investment plan
  • Any questions related to deposit/withdrawal are supported 24/7

What sets First Option apart from other brokers is the quality of service. At First Option, our team of advisors is ready to assist you. Our team of consultants will assist you with all your questions, so if you have any unanswered issues, please contact our email address immediately .

  • Flexible leverage policy at First Option

Currently, First Option offers 3 main types of trading accounts: Lite account, Extra account, premium account (VIP). Compared to other brokers, First Option has a fairly specialized leverage policy. That’s why you need to think carefully before making a decision. This is considered as a double-edged sword for investors.

  • Many promotions waiting for you to discover

This is the strength of First Option. If you notice, usually exchanges will only offer the first time bonus. But when becoming an official trader at First Option, investors will get 100% refund.

The condition to participate in the program is that you must be 18 years old and officially trading at First Option. Find out more about the program details at

  • Is this broker really reputable?

First Option FX is regulated by a reputable financial authority in the world, ASIC. To obtain this license, First Option FX had to comply with a series of strict rules set forth by the agency or organization. If any violation is detected, the property will be immediately revoked the license. 

Especially, with policies to protect negative balances in customer accounts. Exchange-traded funds are supervised and segregated from the company’s capital. This shows transparency and fairness in First Option FX’s deposit services.  

Based on this information, you definitely have the answer to the question, is First Option a reputable broker?

  • Overview of this broker 

About advantages

  • Committed trading products are many, which will increase with account packages.
  • Various deposit and withdrawal methods
  • High leverage support.
  • The user interface is quite good, using the popular and flexible MT5 platform.
  • There are attractive offers and promotions.
  • Multilingual transaction support. In which, there is Vietnamese language support on the website, easy to learn.
  • Transactions are commission-free.


  • Few types of trading accounts

Above are detailed information about the First Option FX trading platform. Hopefully, through this article, traders have had their own opinions and evaluations about this broker.