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Overview of the HIBIMARKETS exchange platform

Founded in 2005, HibiMarkets is a globally licensed and regulated Forex and CFD online broker that provides world-class trading services, education and market insights to both traders and traders. New and experienced translator.

Currently, HibiMarkets also has a representative office in Ho Chi Minh City, if Vietnamese investors have any questions, they can come and receive direct support from the floor’s staff.

Why trade with HibiMarkets

  1. Easy to start

You only need to deposit 100$ to get started. No big investment needed and trading starts with as little as $100

  1. Convenient

The trading platform works 24/7 on all devices – PC, mobile or tablet. That means you can trade whenever and wherever you want.

  1. Profitable

A successful trade can bring more than 100% return on your investment in just a short time.

Operating license and guarantee policy for customers of the exchange

  1. License to operate HIBIMARKETS

License to operate HIBIMARKETS

HIBI Markets Limited with Company number 175,728, incorporated and registered with the Registrar of Companies, under the International Business Companies Act Chapter 270 of Belize Law, Revised Version 2011

Operation License of HIBIMARKETS NFA

HIBI Markets Limited has been licensed by the National Futures Association (NFA) Regulatory Authorization Certificate NFA ID: 0540314″

  1. Guarantee policy for customers

When trading at HibiMarkets, it means that all HibiMarkets customers are entitled to an insurance policy, which is a compensation fund of up to 5,000,000 USD ( in case any claim occurs. between two parties that the broker cannot resolve or the broker goes bankrupt).

Guarantee policy for customers of HIBIMARKETS

Trading products of HibiMarkets

HibiMarkets also offers a variety of popular assets in the market so that investors can diversify their portfolio, including:

  • Forex: the exchange offers 49 currency pairs including majors, crosses and exotics – pairs that combine a major currency and a small economy currency. or emerging economies. Exotic currency pairs are those that are of little interest to players and often have very high spreads.
  • Metals: HibiMarkets offers precious metals of gold, silver, platinum and palladium.
  • Commodities: energy and agricultural commodities are two types of commodities traded at HibiMarkets . Energy includes: US oil, UK oil, Gasoline, gas … agricultural products include cocoa, coffee, orange juice, sugar, corn, wheat….
  • Indices: customers of the exchange can trade 12 stock indices: US Dollar, S&P 500, DAX30, NASDAQ 100…
  • Stocks: broker HibiMarkets offers hundreds of stocks from the US and European markets
  • Cryptocurrencies: there are 13 cryptocurrencies traded on the exchange, quoted in multiple currencies and quoted in gold and silver. Some popular currencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple…

HibiMarkets trading account

HibiMarkets offers a variety of account types, all with highly competitive and differentiated trading conditions, specifically designed to meet the needs and demands of all types of traders.

HibiMarkets trading account 

HibiMarkets trading platform

Like many other Brokers on the market, HibiMarkets also offers the most popular platform type on the market, MT4

The trading platform works 24/7 on all devices – PC, mobile or tablet.

That means you can trade whenever and wherever you want.

Outstanding features of MT4:

  • There are 9 timeframes and 3 types of price charts
  • More than 30 technical tools and indicators
  • Integrating economic news…
  • Use on computers and mobile phones for convenient transactions

HibiMarkets MT4 Trading Platform


Customer care policy

On the official website of the HibiMarkets floor, there is a live chat function that investors can contact through this system to receive a quick response.

Besides, the support in Vietnamese also creates favorable conditions for Vietnamese traders through Hotline/Zalo/Hotmail…

Deposit/withdrawal policy of HibiMarkets exchange

HibiMarkets provides a wide range of fast, convenient and secure deposit and withdrawal payment methods for investors to choose from such as: Bank transfer, Visa, MasterCard and e-wallets such as: 9PAY, Paytrust, 5Pay, Pay BnB…

Deposit and withdrawal policy of HibiMarkets exchange

Is HibiMarkets forex broker really reputable to invest in?

Investing in the financial market, the first thing investors need to pay attention to is to choose a reputable and reliable broker.

HibiMarkets has a guarantee policy for customers when participating in the exchange.

Besides, the floor also has nearly 16 years of experience in the industry, showing the trust of customers in HibiMarkets.

Along with that, the customer care team of HibiMarkets is also highly appreciated, quickly solving questions and supporting Vietnamese people.

The end

From the above information, traders can consider when deciding to invest at the floor.

      1. Advantages

  • The exchange offers a variety of trading products, meeting most of the needs of many customers.
  • Many types of trading accounts, there is a Micro account for small traders
  • MT4 friendly trading platform
  • The website supports Vietnamese, the chatbox operates 24/5 and has a support staff for Vietnamese investors.

      2. Disadvantages

  • The minimum deposit (Deposit) for the first time is as low as $100 but quite high for novice traders to get acquainted with the market.
  • All trading products and accounts are closed on weekends but virtual currency (Crypto) needs to be traded 24/7
  • Offers only one trading platform, MT4


Through the recent research and evaluation, it can be seen that HibiMarkets is a reputable, transparent and safe Forex broker. Worthy of investors trust trading.

  • Professional customer support service, with a Vietnamese support team.
  • STP floor did not hold orders, pushed orders directly to the interbank market.
  • Quick order matching time.
  • The exchange also has a copytrade system for newbies & those who don’t have much time to trade on their own

With the information from the above article, players can consider to choose the right exchange for their investment strategy.


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