Let’s Traderhub Raise the Importance of Trading Diary with New Contest

Most of the stock trading tips and tutorials have a section to share about  the trading diary . Experts also often recommend that you take notes and review the investment process. But really, not many people practice it. If you are also indifferent to this then you will change your mind with the article below!

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Transaction log – why is it important?

Transaction diary – or fully called commodity transaction log is a “book” that records your transactions and is updated daily. Just as a business owner tracks inventory, a trader should also keep track of his or her open and closed trades. This recording and tracking helps you reflect on your strategies and adjust over time.

Everyone assumes that all brokers provide real-time historical data as well as profit and loss details about your trades. The broker’s profile can also track current purchasing power, or other information displayed. So why do you even need an extra transaction log?

There are many factors that make this so important.

Transaction log reflects personal investment performance

The trading diary will show the trader who he is in a specific time period. Logs will not only summarize all your transactions, but it will provide the status of your trading account at a point in time. It reflects your individual investment performance, and the opportunity to change your trading method.

A good trading journal not only records your actual trading data, but also provides information about the planned schedule for each trade. In other words, a trading journal becomes a way for you to record your thoughts in actual numbers and convert desired thoughts into reality. This is also the basis of the method of making a trading plan and then trading according to your own plan.

One of the most useful features of your cargo log will be its ability to force you to change your building habits. As you learn to trade with a plan, you will develop a higher level of confidence. Your profitable trades won’t feel so random, your losses will be “planned”, and so you’re mentally prepared to lose, a hugely important factor. with traders.

What to include in a transaction log

Most of your trading is already recorded by the trading system, but you should still include the following elements in the recording process. May be mentioned as:

  • How often you trade,
  • How successful is each transaction,
  • Which products work better for you
  • And even the timeframe gives the best rate of return.
  • The level of risk you can accept on the trade
  • Your profit target will be set
  • And how you will manage the transaction when conducting the transaction 

Join Traderhub to elevate the meaning of trading journaling through a new contest

With the desire to create a quality exchange platform for the financial trading community, Traderhub forum was “born” with the mission of connecting investors in all markets, sharing experiences… Insight Understanding the importance of keeping a trading diary, Traderhub organized an innovative Trader Diary writing contest. 

Following the success and learning from the previous time, the  2nd Trader’s Diary Contest was held with the theme “Want to “change my life”, what did I change?” to encourage investors to share their investment history, to create a habit of focusing on transaction management.

The contest runs from December 1 to December 31, 2022. So far, the duration has passed more than half of the way. Traderhub has received many quality articles as well as great attention from the community of traders. In the sprint, Traderhub hopes to receive more unique articles and shares to give away attractive rewards, with a value of up to VND 25 million for “genuine” articles. . Join now!

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