The development of the Internet has opened up a new playing field for investors. With more than 300 Forex  floors, international stock exchanges in Vietnam market are getting more and more exciting. However, the more exciting the financial market, the more opportunities it has, the more worrying and bewildering the investment community is. Besides fraudulent exchanges, there are also many reputable exchanges that are still entangled in false rumors of fraud, one of which is Trade TIME floor. So what is the truth about this, let’s learn about Trade TIME floor through this article.

Trade Time exchange scammed VND 77 million in 3 days

“Although a few days have passed, Ms. Ngoc Lan (HCMC) still can’t get rid of the fear, panic, and psychologically affected because she lost 77 million dong in just 3 days. The story is that in February, a person named Duy repeatedly invited Ms. Ngoc Lan to invest in the international stock exchange, but because she had not learned, Lan refused. Through April, Duy was still clinging to calling many invitations. In May, in just 9 days, Duy made about 12 calls to Ms. Lan. Specifically, on May 9, Duy called Lan to buy shares of BMW (German car company) with the words “extras” to buy like “this company only pays dividends once a year on May 12. If you miss this opportunity, it will be a pity” or “If I had bought 1,000 BMW shares yesterday, I would have made a profit of 2,340 EUR”… So Duy urged Lan to participate.

Ready in hand with the capital, Lan accepted to open an investment account of 31 million dong on  Trade Time and successfully transferred the money to the bank account of Juz Sales Co., Ltd. Soon after, she received an account on the Meta Trader 5 application with an amount of $1,342.57 in the account and immediately purchased 300 BMW shares. A person named Long (self-introduced as an expert in the same place as Duy, assigned to advise on transactions) phoned Ms. Lan and asked why she didn’t wait for instructions but bought like that, “the margin level is negative, the account can out at any time” and advised her to “arrange $1,000 in a safe account”. After seeing that Ms. Lan was afraid of losses, Long advised her to add another $2,000 to “save the account and deal with the negative”.

In fact, there are 2 exchanges on the market named Trade Time, one is Trade Time and the other is Trade TIME. If you pay close attention to the content of the article, it is Trade Time trading platform, not Trade TIME.

Article content:  International securities investment fraud to appropriate money

The Trade Time trading platform mentioned in the above article has a completely different logo and website from the Trade TIME trading platform. That is also the reason why many investors misunderstand that the Trade TIME investment floor is involved in fraudulent rumors.

The truth about Trade TIME floor scam

In fact, there are two exchanges named Trade Time but with different spellings and completely different website addresses and brand identities.

The exchange mentioned in the article is the Trade Time exchange, with the website: and the logo as below.

However, when we access this website, the website has an error and cannot be accessed.

As  for the TradeTIME exchange that  writes the correct name of the exchange, it will have to capitalize the entire word TIME. Besides, the logo of this exchange is also completely different.


And the website of the exchange is completely accessible. Besides, TradeTIME also does quite well in investing in language and image for the Vietnamese investor community. The floor’s marketing team also did a good job in bringing the image of the floor to the investor community. That is also the reason when investors looking for Trade Time trading platform will be confused and use the image of TradeTIME floor.

It is not clear if TradeTime floor is a scam or not because we do not have enough authentic evidence, but the use of this image has affected the exchange more or less. Imagine if an exchange is a scam, why bother investing in such images and language.

Through this article, we hope that investors can find a suitable exchange as well as have a clearer understanding of this exchange and have more successful deals at TradeTIME!


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