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An Overview of Learn2Trade

Learn2Trade is a forex signal provider that is based in the United Kingdom. Specializes in providing users with forex signals to enhance their chances of making profits. Learn2Trade is not limited to the forex market alone. It also provides trading signals for other financial markets such as commodities, indices, and crypto. The signals are offered through an exclusive telegram channel with 3 to 5 verified signals made available to users each day. This ensures that the trading signals get to users in real-time.

It is regarded as one of the biggest and best forex signal providers in the world. Users have access to the major financial markets of the world at their fingertips. Along with the essential signals needed to make substantial money. This signal provider is a registered company with its headquarters located in London. This signal provider aims to help traders gain timely access to the necessary details about trading in the financial markets. So that proper decisions can be made that will contribute significantly to the consistent success of the trader.

Learn 2 Trade: At A Glance

Official website https://learn2.trade/
Headquarters Hoxton, Hackney, United Kingdom.
Founded onJanuary 2, 2019
Employees size of Learn 2 Trade 67 employees 
Customer support 24*7 service, onlinesupport@learn2.trade
Industry Bitcoin,Cryptocurrencies,Stock exchange 
Supported countries Globally 

Learn2Trade Signals Overview

Part of what has made this forex signal provider successful is that it currently employs the services of some of the smartest and most innovative traders in the investment industry. It also uses a combination of machine learning, AI capabilities, and the superior expertise of its team of traders. Traders constantly scan the forex market so that the best possible trading signals are made available to its subscribers. It is essentially an educational platform because it offers a forex trading course for those that might be interested. So that they can grow into professional traders and become more adept at utilizing the trading signals being provided.

This is not to say that its signals are accurate every time but the platform endeavors to deliver as many accurate signals as possible. Furthermore, users of the platform can access any trading suggestions anytime the platform identifies a profitable opportunity in the market. This encompasses all major and minor forex pairs along with a selection of cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. Due to the team of experts that the platform employs, it ensures that each subscriber can access momentous expert advice. Advice that can impart trades positively across several financial markets.

Main features of Learn2Trade

  1. Three to five premium signals are made available to subscribers each day which gives them multiple chances to make at least one profitable trade per day.
  2. Access to a VIP Telegram group where the signals are delivered in real-time for subscribers to use. These signals can help to enhance the trading awareness of subscribers.
  3. The signals encompass the following financial markets: Forex, Crypto, Indices, and Commodities. This indicates that this signal provider is not just limited to the forex market.
  4. The signals have a high win success rate. The rate ranges between 76% and 82% and this is quite significant considering the number of signals sent out regularly.
  5. The signals have also been shown to provide traders with monthly profits of 30% to 40% on average.
  6. The platform is designed in such a way that there are no card details or any form of payment needed to start using the trial version.

Services offered by Learn2Trade

As mentioned earlier, Learn2Trade is an educational platform that provides trading signals. Provides forex trading course for those who are interested as well. Let us now look at a list of the platform’s services. Our focus will be on the platform’s forex signals, how they operate, how they are provided, and their effectiveness. The services include but are not limited to:

  1. Information on forex signals
  2. Crypto signals
  3. Forex and Crypto trading courses
  4. Forex trading tips
  5. Access to forex brokers
  6. Managed forex accounts

Learn2Trade Review: Forex signals

Essentially, forex signals are trading tips that are based mainly on technical or fundamental analysis. Then provided by a source (usually known as a signal provider) to traders. Traders that are looking for profitable trading opportunities in the financial markets. The signals are generated either through a human analyst, computer software, or a combination of both.

Learn2Trade Plans

After the signals are generated, Learn2Trade then automatically makes the signal available to its subscribers through an exclusive Telegram channel. The signals contain the best possible time and price to execute a specific trade in the market. Therefore, the signals have to be delivered promptly. So that a trader does not miss the window of opportunity to execute that trade and this is why the signals are sent via Telegram. This way, traders are instantly alerted of a potential trading opportunity in the market.

Let us look at a practical example of how the process works. Let us assume that Learn2Trade is monitoring the movement of the EUR/USD forex pair in the market. Then the underlying software observes that the pair has been significantly overbought. Which is an indication that the pair will most likely undergo a correction phase. The underlying software can then evaluate the current market condition. Deduce that an ideal entry point on the trade is 1.25, which the software believes is impending.

Learn2Trade will then alert its subscribers via a Telegram message while also offering an exit point. Part of the exit point is setting up a stop-loss in case the signal does not produce the desired result as predicted. A take-profit order is also included that helps subscribers lock in profits automatically once a certain price point is reached. Learn2Trade provides its subscribers with signals to the following instruments:

  1. Forex in which the platform covers most of the pairs and that includes the following:







  • Crypto in which the platform covers most of the major and popular cryptocurrencies and that includes the following:

Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Tron (TRX), XRP, Stellar Lumens (XLM), and Cardano (ADA).

Polkadot (DOT), Dogecoin (DOGE), 0x (ZRX), Binance Coin (BNB), NEO, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), EOS, Ark (ARK), IOTA (MIOTA), and Chainlink (LINK).

Learn2Trade Results

Learn2Trade Forex Signals Fees

There are two subscription plans that Learn2Trade offers to potential subscribers namely a free plan and a premium plan. The free plan is for those that are interested in testing the service to see how it works and the trial version is made available for this plan. With this subscription plan, users get access to three trading signals each week for a limited period without paying a dime.

The premium plan offers subscribers three to five signals every day, five times per week. The cost for the premium plan is categorized on a monthly basis and the list is shown below:

  • Monthly subscription- this costs £35 per month
  • Quarterly subscription- this costs £65 and payment is to be made after every three months.
  • Bi-Annual subscription-this is quite popular among subscribers instead of paying every month or every three months. Payment can be done twice a year i.e. every six months and it costs £95.
  • Lifetime subscription- this is for those that dislike paying every month or quarter. It allows users to have access to a lifetime subscription once they make the necessary payment. Usually, the subscribers that go for this plan are those that have tried the services of Learn2Trade. Found it satisfactory and effective; this plan costs £250.

There is a special kind of plan for those who do not have much money to spend. It is known as the Separate Swing Trading Group plan that provides users with two to three signals daily. It only costs £50 and provides access to webinars each week along with video analysis.

If a trader is not interested in choosing a subscription plan, there is another opportunity offered by Learn2Trade. An opportunity that is quite intriguing. It involves registering with a specific broker recommended by the platform. Then depositing a particular amount of money to experience their expertise. This way, the user can get lifetime access to forex signals. Forex signals that will support that individual in becoming a professional trader.

Is Learn2Trade Safe or a Scam?

Learn2Trade reviews that it is one of the most secure and legal platforms that provide reliable trading signals. Its popularity as a forex signal service provider is verified. Is also endorsed by multiple renowned and highly regulated forex brokers such as eToro, Markets.com, XM, and Alvexo. As a result, the signals generated are promoted through the platforms of these brokers. Brokers that are in partnership with Learn2Trade. Subscribers of this signal provider can apply the signals generated to any trading platform. Any platform which supports the instruments that are included in the signals.

Despite its verification and endorsement by regulated forex brokers, Learn2Trade has had its fair share of issues. The issues mainly arise from the inefficiency of customer support. Few subscribers complain about how they have been unable to get a response from customer support after paying for their subscription. This has impacted their trust in the platform. However, this is essentially the fault of customer support. Learn2Trade will have to take some steps to correct that. But in terms of its overall services, the platform endeavors to deliver top-notch quality to subscribers.

Furthermore, Learn2Trade understands that to help traders grow and build a successful trading career, relying on the predictions provided by the trading signals alone is not sufficient. Traders also need to engage in personal research and learning. This is why the platform makes educational content available (which we will examine next). So that subscribers are learning and trading at the same time which improves their chances of getting the desired results.

Learn2Trade Educational Content

This forex signal provider makes educational content available to its subscribers. There is a section designated as “Education” on its website where there is useful and relevant content. The content includes:

  1. Day trading strategies: this signal provider helps its subscribers to gain an understanding of several trading strategies. Publishing relevant and concise content on its website.
  2. Forex course: this is a trading course designed to help those that are interested in becoming professional traders. It is structured in such a way that aspiring traders can identify new trading opportunities. But also predict future events and take advantage of the movement of currency rates. Helps to learn how to effectively utilize the various trading tools that trading platforms make available. The forex course also includes further useful information that has been divided into eleven (11) chapters. For easy assimilation and understanding.
  3. Forex market hours: this focuses on helping subscribers grasp how the various forex trading sessions work. So that they can experience how to trade like a professional.

Learn2Trade Education

Generally, the education section on the website of Learn2Trade offers content on the forex market. Also swing trading, short stocks, trade stocks, and how to manage spread. Most importantly, the signal provider ensures that relevant and valuable content is made available to all its subscribers. So that they can start achieving success within a short period.

Pros and Cons of Learn2Trade


  • The process of signing up is fast and simple.
  • The success rate is 82% which is quite high.
  • Subscribers can easily understand the trading strategy used to generate the signals once they study the analysis.
  • The fees are relatively affordable as there are different plans to choose from depending on the subscriber’s budget.
  • There is a free trial version that potential subscribers can use to test the signal provider’s quality of service. This means they do not have to spend money immediately.
  • The exclusive Telegram channel means subscribers can receive the signals in real-time. Which will aid traders in making timely and proper trading decisions.


  • There are no webinars or video analyses.
  • Customer support can be slow to respond.


Learn2Trade Review hint

The services offered by Learn2Trade are suitable for people that are interested in starting a trading career. A career in forex or crypto trading but are hesitant in taking the first step due to insufficient experience or awareness. From making signals available to educating subscribers on the intricacies of trading. The platform endeavors to ensure that every subscriber can enjoy making consistent profits as they continue to trade.

Learn2Trade reviews that the platform has continued to evolve over the years. Has turned it into a beneficial resource for both new and experienced traders. The team put in place by this service provider is sufficiently experienced. Experienced to provide users with incredible educational resources along with very successful trading signals for anyone interested in exploring the financial markets. Learn2Trade reviews quality of service means which is endorsed by well-established brokers. This has only given it additional credibility thus making it one of the best signal providers in the world.

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