Is Zeno Markets a Scam? Floor Review 2023

Recently, in the financial brokerage market, there is an extremely famous trading brokerage floor. The two words “Zeno Markets” attract attention that most investors do not know. In particular, this is one of the brokers that has received a lot of very positive reviews in recent times. However, we will study together to see if this is a scam or not.

What is Zeno Markets?

Zeno Markets is an international company established in 2011, Zeno Markets has been present in many countries in Asia, especially countries in Southeast Asia including Vietnam and has expanded its reach. operates globally to date.

The main objective of the company is to become a leading brand in the provision of financial services. This goal has been achieved thanks to the company’s huge investments and an elite staff of professionals with extensive experience in the financial sector.

Zeno Markets now allows clients to trade CFDs on stocks, cryptocurrencies, forex products and gold, oil, metals, etc. Since its inception, the company has significantly expanded its range of instruments. deals it offers.

Reliability of Zeno Markets

Zeno Markets is an excellent broker, ranking #1 in most major categories important to traders. Especially when Zeno operates in the Vietnam market, focusing on improving the knowledge of traders and devoting a lot of resources to educating savvy investors about the international stock market.

As an online online broker, Zeno Markets has always gone above and beyond to provide extensive experience in a wide range of investment opportunities in the financial markets. Trading costs, ease of use, platform, education, mobile apps, research, market coverage and trading tools make us a reputable broker.

Certificates and operating licenses of Zeno Markets

Zeno Markets, with business license number 26368, is operated by Zeno Markets Ltd and regulated by the FCA, a globally recognized financial institution. To date, FCA is one of the largest financial institutions in the world regulated by the European Union. Exchanges registered here must comply with the strict laws of the legal regime of European countries. Illegal behavior is therefore severely punished with large fines or revocation of business licenses. 

An exchange regulated by this regulatory body can be said to offer safety to investors. However, due to different financial investment regulations in each country, Zeno Markets is not yet officially open to serve citizens of Afghanistan, Iran, Cuba, North Korea, Syria, Sudan, Ukraine and the United States.

Awards that Zeno Markets has won

Zeno Markets’ quality rating is reflected in the fact that this broker holds many prestigious awards and titles. These are awards recognized and awarded by influential industry bodies and associations, including more than 20 prestigious awards such as: 

  • The Best Mobile Application – the award presented at the World Forex Award 2012.
  • The Fastest Growing Broker – an award presented at the World Forex Award 2013.
  • The Best Affiliate Program – award given at World Forex Award 2013.
  • The Best Forex CFD Provider – award given at World Forex Award 2014.
  • The Best Customer Support – an award given at the World Forex Award 2014.
  • The Best Customer Support – award given at World Forex Award 2015.
  • The Best Trading Platform – an award given at the World Forex Award 2015.
  • The Most Innovative Broker – an award given at the World Forex Award 2015.
  • The Best Educational Program – the award presented at the World Forex Award 2016.
  • The Most Transparent Broker – an award given at the World Forex Award 2016.
  • The Best Customer Support – an award given at the World Forex Award 2017.
  • The Best IB Program – an award presented at the World Forex Award 2017.
  • The Best Trading Conditions – award given at World Forex Award 2018.
  • The Fastest Growing Broker – an award given at the World Forex Award 2018.
  • The Best Withdrawal Options – the award presented at the World Forex Award 2020.
  • The Best Trading Performance – an award given at the World Forex Award 2020.
  • The Fastest Growing Broker – the award presented at the World Forex Award in 2021.

Privacy Policy

Thanks to a wide range of products, including an in-house market analysis channel, provides traders with an information channel to learn more about the international stock market, especially technical and general analysis. , stock valuation and especially forex, Zeno Markets will continue to grow in 2022. 

Classified as good in broker list. In addition, the official Zeno Markets fan page will always be updated with the latest information, updated policies and contests for traders to access as soon as possible.

In addition, this broker also offers its clients a wide range of courses, webinars with carefully selected topics and proven knowledge to provide clients with a solid foundation of knowledge. knowledge when trading. Knowledge is the best armor that protects a trader in the financial markets.

According to the client funds rules set by the FCA regulator, Zeno Markets is responsible for the amount of capital deposited by the client on the exchange.

Customer care policy

The communication channels that the exchange supports for its customers include email, online contact, and phone.

Investors can contact Zeno Markets through the above communication channels if there are problems that need to be resolved. The customer support email is The exchange usually does not process customer information for more than 3 days.

In addition to the Zeno Markets support contact form above, you can also connect through popular social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, and Linkedin. 

Types of trading fees at Zeno Markets

The commission is charged at a flat rate of $20 per lot traded for a no-spread account. Commission for ECN account is $6 per lot traded. Commissions are also accrued on share trades of $3 and CFD trades of $25. The fee for opening/closing a position when trading cryptocurrencies is 0.05%.

How many trading platforms does Zeno Markets support?

Zeno Markets uses the most popular trading platforms available today, Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5, with all the necessary features. It is the #1 app in the world for new customers and customers of all experience levels.

The Zeno Markets trading platform is easy to use and has a streamlined user interface that traders can use both on the website and on the phone.

According to experts, trading through exchanges is very interesting. The charts are beautiful and traders can trade directly from the charts. The platform also provides an overview of the positions and trading history of traders.


With the conquest of the financial investment market, finding a reputable forex broker is extremely important. Based on the above criteria and practical experience, we believe that Zeno MarketS is the right name for this 2022.

Once again, the Zeno Marketplace will be the premier destination for traders looking to trade forex, offering excellent trading conditions for forex instruments.


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